The Best Perks at Work – Everything You Need to Know

Many companies offer incredible perks and benefits that help take the sting out of working. Other perks at work seem nice on the outside but aren’t as great as the company makes it seem.

What Are Work Perks?

Employers use perks in addition to compensation packages to recruit and retain the best and brightest employees.

Compensation packages include salary and healthcare. Perks consist of a daycare on-site, flexible schedules, or even the ability to sleep.

How are Perks at Work Different than Employee Benefits?

Here are some perks and benefits that companies might offer to attract top talent. 1. Flexible Schedules 2. Childcare 3. Sabbaticals

What Are the Best Perks at Work?

Some companies offer seemingly unique perks, like unlimited time off. However, be sure that the culture allows you to use perks like this.

What Are Some Perks at Work that Aren’t So Great?

Many companies contract out their perks to a third party. Perks at Work is one such third party. It’s an employee perk program that you can access via a mobile app.

Perks at Work Mobile App

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