How to Find Your Penfed Routing Number Fast

The reason I tell you this is because to make these payments I have to transfer money from my HELOC to a checking account… and every time I do this I have to find my Penfed routing number.

Find routing numbers online

The simplest way to find your Penfed routing number (Or any routing number for that matter) is to simply go to Penfed’s website and scroll to the bottom.

2nd Quickest way to find a Routing Number = Personal Check

In the rare event you don’t have cell phone service or access to wifi – the quickest way to find your Penfed routing number, is to pull out your checkbook and look at the bottom left corner.

Does Penfed have routing numbers by states?

Depending on the bank, some will have different routing numbers that can vary from state to state.

Worst comes to worst, contact Penfed for your routing number!

If for some reason at this point you are still confused you can always checkout Penfed’s frequently accessed questions or their contact info below  By Phone:1-800-247-5626

Want to know why banks have routing numbers?

Bank routing numbers, or RTN’s (Routing Transit Numbers) are used to identify financial institutions, in this case Penfed Credit Union.

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