How this Couple Was Able to Pay Off $300,000 in Student Loans

In Spring of 2015, my wife and I owed nearly $300,000 in student loans. By November 2016, we $262,000 in student loans. Today we owe $0.00. Today we will share some steps to take to help you do so!

1. Learn to say no

This means before you ever think about cutting expenses or making more money, you first need to learn to say no to things that cost money. 

We have done the following to make extra money: 1. Landscaping & Handyman Work 2. Started a Blog 3. Created a Digital Marketing  company

2. Strive to make extra money

Simply paying an extra $100 each month (25%) will accelerate your loan repayment by nearly two full years.

3. Pay More Than The Minimum

When you don't concentrate on your extra payments, you will inevitably pay more in the long run. That is why to use this technique.

4. Use The Debt Snowball or Debt Avalanche

Cutting out things like: 1. Eating out 2. Cable 3. Reducing insurance plans with apps like TrueBill 4. Gym memberships

5. Cut Your Spending Habits Back

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