Student Loan

A Student Loan Story About Paying Off Six-Figures In Debt

Perhaps you're looking for some six-figure debt success stories that will assist in motivating you to take some action? Or maybe you feel really bad for a friend with student loans and you want to see how the heck you can help them manage it all.

Our ($300,000) Student Loan Story

Now, if you're someone who has $40,000 worth of student loans like the average graduate, you're probably thinking $99,000 is still a boatload of student loan debt.

Three factors to consider for paying off six figure debt

Whenever I tell people how we paid off so much student loan debt I am quick to let them know – it wasn't easy, but it wasn't hard either.

Step 1: What do you make?

Annual salaries are great, but when it comes to paying off your debt, it is best to focus on what you bring home each month when you're developing a plan.

Step 2: What can you pay each month?

Decide how much you can contribute each month extra towards your six figures of debt. This doesn't mean you have to get on a budget if you don't want to.

Step 3: How can you make more money?

1. Walk dogs for $50 per week, creating an extra $200 per month 2. Fill out surveys for an extra $25 per week, $100 per month 3. Side-hustle as a trainer or tutor for $100 per week, $400 per month

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