Alternatives to Emergency Student Loans

If you are the victim of an emergency situation, such as if you’ve been displaced because of a natural disaster, you might be eligible. An unexpected medical expense or job loss may also qualify.

6 Alternatives to Emergency Student Loans

Private Student Loans

If you’re having trouble affording all your college costs, you might want to take a look at private student loans. If you’re still coming up short, private student loans can help fill in any funding gaps.

No. 1

Grant Assistance

You’ll need to get in touch with your financial aid office to see if you qualify under your circumstances.

No. 2

Payment Plans for Bills in an Emergency

Being proactive about asking for help could prevent an impact to your credit score before anything drastic happens.

No. 3

With multiple student loans, refinancing will help you keep track by combining all of them into one monthly payment.

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