Nice Things To Do For Your Wife (This Week!)

Maybe it’s just me, but what’s a playa supposed to do when his wife is busy shopping at the outlet mall. Here is a list of best nice things to do for your wife over the next few months.

1. Go shopping with her.

Your wife will also appreciate the effort if you tell her you actually want to go shopping. It will make her happy and that is the goal.

2. Tell her you love her often.

While saying “I love you,” isn’t necessarily quantifiable, it won't hurt to say it often. Not only will you earn brownie points, but it also is psychologically rewarding for both involved.

3. Don’t get upset if things you do go unnoticed.

There is also the high likelihood you have done something that has gone unnoticed… and then you felt a little upset or even disrespected.

4. Open the car door.

Opening the car door is just one way to show your level of kindness to your wife. Nothing says or makes a quick friendly gesture like opening the car door.

5. Read books in front of her.

Just like taking care of your health shows your wife your intent, any self-improvement just makes your significant other happy. One way to improve… read in front of her.

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