Rules All New Bloggers Need to Know (After Blogging for 2 Years)

Most new bloggers will quit blogging because of perceived “Lack of time.” Truly, time is a major reason why many people don't start or don't finish most things in life, not just blogging.

1. Avoid Blogging ADHD

Similar to blogging rule #1 for new bloggers, while we are on the time efficiency topic, do your best to avoid what I commonly refer to as “Blogging ADHD.”

2. Social Media & Blogging

When it comes to social media and blogging, social media is a necessary evil. There is no doubt you will want to spend time promoting your blog on all the different social media channels: 1. Facebook 2. Twitter

3. Invest in blogging courses to be successful.

One of the quickest and best ways (In addition to following successful bloggers on social media and joining their Facebook Groups) is to take blogging courses.

4. New bloggers need to make money freelancing… at first.

The skills it takes to run a successful blog are the same skills that most small businesses need help with, which is a way for you to make money as a new blogger.

5. Lastly, avoid new blogger burnout!

No matter what you do, be sure to set yourself up as a new blogger so you avoid blogger burnout!

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