Everything Net Worth & Why You Should Know Yours

Our physical health is certainly more important than our financial health, taking a financial health inventory several times a year isn't a bad idea. And that starts with knowing your net worth.

What is net worth anyway?

Simply put, your net worth is the combination of what you own (Assets) and what you owe (Liabilities). Here are the Quick Reasons to Know Your Net Worth.

 1. Increase in Your Financial Action

Recently I read that the number one characteristic most super successful and productive people possess is that they take action. 

2. You'll Stop Spending So Much Money

Tracking your net worth will place value on growing your net worth, instead of spending money on things that really don't matter.

3. Pay Off Debt

There are two ways to increase your net worth if you really get down to it: 1. Pay off liabilities 2. Increase your assets

4. Save More!

Once you get your money under control and you pay off your debt, now you can start saving and investing like crazy.

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