How to Crush the Day: Best Morning Routine Ideas

The simplest way to create your new routine is to try everything once. As you experiment, see what works for you and what doesn't. Here are the best morning routine ideas.

1. Bookend Your Days

Hardy’s big teaching when it comes to morning routines, and routines in general, is to “Bookend your days.”

This is probably a given, but many high achievers and generally successful people workout in the morning to get their day started right.

2. Exercise or Stretch

Journaling and writing in the morning have changed my outlook on life, my health, and helped me stay organized.

3. Journal

Mylett does something quite unique each morning, but it is key in forming the best morning routine: Do something cold.

4. Do Something Cold

The simple art of learning just to control my breathing has been extremely effective. There are countless benefits to meditation including reducing negative feelings.

5. Meditate

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