9 Money Tips: That I Learned from Teaching High School Students


Since I recently I started my 10th year of teaching, I decided I would write about 9  money tips I have learned from high schoolers. For many people, it might be hard to remember what classes we even took in high school.

1. Deal in Cash Only

This might sound crazy, but cut up the plastic and start using the Dave envelope system. As much as I think this doesn't really fix the main problem – financial discipline – it is a great start.

2. Don't Lend Money

This I hear at least once a week and I laugh every-time. Because kids deal in cash, sometimes they lend money to their friends, that often times they will never see again.

3. Be Frugal

High school kids are stingy with their money. Playing back to #1, because they deal with cash they are typically frugal. They treat every dollar like a breadcrumb instead of adults who sometimes live a life on credit.

4. Don't Waste Money on Eating Out

Now, this is where I see high school students spend most of their money. Take away teenagers eating out and the fast-food industry would collapse.

5. Stay Away from Credit

A high school student can not get a credit card, unless they are 18. That being said, they typically are not financing everything they own.

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