Money & The 10% Rule

10% is not a lot, and that is my point. Coincidentally, when I just rattled that entire list off, I didn’t even realize that if you did all of that you would be at 100%. But it isn’t a 100% jump, it is just a small adjustment, just 1%  to get started.

Chop wood, carry water.

In other words, chop wood and carry water. I always use a baseball analogy to display this. Instead of swinging for a home-run every time, there is nothing wrong with a few singles, a sac bunt and even an out that advances the runner.

Got your one area to improve in?

Now, look at that one area and assess where you are at. For example, maybe you would like to increase your savings. And you currently have $10,000 in savings. By applying the 10% rule you would want to save $1,000.

The next step is to work backwards.

If your goal is to save $1,000, what is the time frame? 5 months means you need to save $250 a month… not bad. But at first glance, $1,000 might seem like A LOT of money.

How can you personally apply the 10% rule to your life?

I am not sure what it is. Maybe you need to stop spending so much money on $hit that doesn't matter (that was me talking to myself) and start thinking a little long term.

How can you personally apply the 10% rule to your life?

Or maybe you need to up your health 10% by decreasing the calories 10%, and adding another 10% of active minutes per week. 

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