Where To Quickly Get a Money Order

Keep in mind this was around 2007 so the internet wasn't what it is today, so when I went to pay my fine I was notified that payments could only be completed via money order.

Best Places to Get a Money Order Near You 1. Walmart

Simply search for the closest Walmart near you then go to the customer service station to get your money order.

2. Retail Stores

Many different grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores sell money orders. In stores you can expect to pay between $1 and $2 per money order.

3. 711

711 convenience stores will most likely offer money orders of some form. It is best practice to always check ahead of time, but most locations do offer them.

4. CVS

You can buy money orders at CVS through MoneyGram, but you won’t be able to cash them there. The maximum order is $500 and the fee per money order is $1.25.

5. US Postal Service

If you visit the United States Postal Service's website, they state you can buy or cash a postal money order. The USPS money orders are known to be very safe.

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