Money Is A Tool, That Equals Choice

It really hit me recently that money is just a tool that equals choice, and so who really cares what choice you make with that tool anyways? Here are the steps about how to make some better money choices.

1. Make it a purpose to save $1,000 just because

Whether you have a fat emergency fund or you don’t even have a $1 in savings, just get yourself a quick win and save $1,000.

2. Set 1 financial goal that scares you

Don’t be afraid to set big goals. You might not hit them, but that’s the point. The key to setting financial goals is to make sure they:  1.) Stretch you  2.) Hold you accountable

3. See how you can earn extra money

However, it is usually choices based on lack of money, not on ways to make more. So in a sense, it is sort of up to you as to how much money you make.

4. Stop going into more debt

It is finally time to stop being undisciplined and stop going into debt. Remember, money is a tool that equals choices. Going into debt means you’re using a different tool.

5. Money should make you a better person

Think of all the good things you could do for your family, friends and whatever it is you're passionate about. When you take the eyes off yourself and put them on others you will accomplish more.

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