Money, Blogging, & Drywall (Take Action)

So you may or may not know, but a few weeks back my wife Lauren and I decided to do something a bit drastic – we tore down the wall that separated our kitchen and our dining area.

Taking action in life

When it came to personal finance, we flirted for a while with some different things. In fact, had we not started taking action with regards to paying off student loans.

Don't Wait Around

The quicker we realized opinions don’t pay bills and at the end of the day our long-lasting happiness was online we blocked out the fear aka we tore down the wall!

Everything you do in life will take action

Starting a blog took action. It was a bigger project than I ever expected. Just like paying off multiple 6 figures of student loan debt.

Have all three been worth it?

Anything you put your mind to is worth it! Just like starting to pay off debt led to creating a personal finance blog.

What are you putting off?

Myself included, we all put things off. Whether it is a long term kitchen remodel – or finally saving that money for a home down payment.

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