Money And Relatioship

Get on the Same Page as Your Spouse 

Money is sometimes viewed as taboo – especially when it comes to relationships. As if being in a relationship didn't already have enough challenges, dealing with money and relationships can be nothing short of overwhelming at times. Here are some tips to help you with money in your relationship!

1. Avoid common mistakes couples make.

Recognize that you must avoid the common mistakes couples make. You won't ever fix the money problems in your relationship if you don't first address the surface level issues that may exist!

2. Plan your finances together

The first thing all couples should do, whether engaged, married, or not even close to marriage, is “Lay it all out” and make a financial plan together. In order to figure out a plan that fits best for money and your relationship.

3. Settle the joint bank account debate

You can have: – One joint account with separate spending accounts – One account – Separate accounts and split bills

4. Set financial goals together

Sharing common goals with one another is essential in ensuring that financially, everything goes as well as possible. Goals make us communicate and work together.

5. Budget with each other!

A potential pitfall in a relationship is when one person is not on the same page as the other and is spending frivolously… while the other is a frugal fanatic budgeter!

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