Money And Relationship

Get on the Same Page as Your Spouse 

As if being in a relationship didn't already have enough challenges, dealing with money and relationships can be nothing short of overwhelming at times. Money is typically the cause of half of all divorces.

Tips For Money and Relationships to Work Better:

Here is a complete list of tips for couples who are ready to get on the same page that will help maintain healthy relationships.

1. Discuss & regularly reevaluate your finances

A 20-minute conversation can be the difference between a really happy and mutually fulfilling relationship vs a not so good one.

2. Don’t get defensive

If you are the person (like we can all be at times) who sometimes does something silly don’t get defensive if your spouse approaches you to discuss.

3. Compromise when needed

Working together and coming up with a strategy that you both agree on is imperative for money and relationships to succeed!

4. Find a financial mentor

Though you might find this interesting, you need to find a couple or mentor who exhibits a healthy financial marriage that you emulate with your relationship.


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