How to Handle Money & Marriage!

 I typically get when it comes to money aside form paying off debt is what does a couple do with money? I honestly believe until that bridge is crossed… or that leap of faith is taken, money will always be a not so good topic of conversation in your marriage.

Money and Marriage: A His & Her Money Short Story

Young couple was newly married when we first met and had actually gotten married pretty young. The two of them were awesome people to be around and always a fun time from our outside perspective.

Money and Marriage: A His & Her Money Short Story

The question about money came up. His response in a nutshell, “I pay for my stuff, car, etc, she pays for hers. Then we both throw money into a shared account for house bills.”

I was only accountable to myself.

“Josh, you are wrong, I am accountable to my significant other, I just like having my separate account and we don't like discussing money. “ If you are accountable to each other then why not have a checks and balances system in place?

Financial Communication Isn't Taboo

You would get scolded. Not that it really matters what other people think, but how dare you talk about money with one another. Heck, it is almost “Taboo” to talk about money with anyone… even your spouse.

If you are already Married, talk about money ASAP

Grab your spouse, sit down and have an open conversation about money. Ask questions about long term goals you have as a couple. Talk about being on the same page as a couple. 

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