Mint App Alternatives (To Help You Track Your Money)

Mint is the oldest budgeting app around, and it’s helped a lot of people learn and manage the basics of budgeting. Today, I aim to share with you best Mint alternatives!

1. Personal Capital

Personal Capital links all your investment accounts together and displays your asset allocation, investing fees, and much more. This is a great tool for those who have several retirement and taxable account.

2. Excel Budget Sheets

Excel budget sheets will never not be a good option to managing your  budget. Excel spreadsheets are highly customisable and you can easily  see all your information in one place.


Short for – You Need a Budget – al your financial accounts are linked to  YNAB and all your spending is categorized automatically – the first few  times you’ll need to categorize manually.

4. Truebill

Truebill helps you save money by keeping check on your monthly bills. They  provide you with an entire screenshot of your financial life in exchange  for a cut of the amount they help you save overall.

5. Use the Cash Envelope System

Once you have your monthly budget set, putting cash into envelopes to  categorise your expenses is a great way to control your overspending.

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