Millennial Series: Your Social Life is Why You’re Still in Debt

Dear Millennial, Your social life is the reason you have debt. Until you figure out how to say “No” to every social event, party, BBQ, brewery tour, wedding, and daily fast food delivery, you will probably remain in debt. Here is a list of steps that help you stop sacrificing your long term financial longevity.

1. Figure out your value system

When you have values for yourself, your relationships, your career, your family, how you view society – it is always easy to self assess when you should say no or yes to something.

2. Know how much debt you have

However, knowing how much debt you have will certainly make saying no and keeping your finances on the forefront. Awareness is key to making any sort of changes and it is no different when it comes to your debt.

3. Recognize who pays your bills

if you're part of the 75% who pay their own bills, you recognize that… you pay your bills. 1. Not your friends. 2. Not your co-workers. 3. Not your parents…You!

4. Stop being immature

First, the difference between maturity and immaturity is recognizing/taking personal responsibility. Your social life shouldn't take priority over your finances! That is immature and irresponsible behavior.

5. Find a social life compromise

Having a social life is vital to your mental health. But so is being debt and financially stress-free! So keep your social life, just alter the plans some!

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