Marrying Someone with Six Figures of Student Loan Debt

Finances, like all aspects of a marriage, require working together, communication and love. But here recently, the handling money as a couple scenarios has gotten a little more complicated.

Student Loans & Marriage

When you get married your debt is their debt, and their debt is your debt. You can slice it however you want, but my biggest recommendation is getting on the same page financially.

Be honest financially in your relationship

Finances in a marriage starts with honesty, which is the same fundamental a marriage is built around.

3 Tips to make it work when you marry someone with student loan debt!

Here are just a few ways to make things simpler when it comes to marrying someone with student loans.

1. Marriage is 100-100

Realize a marriage is not 50-50, it is 100-100. It is important to realize that you should expect to give 100% without expecting anything in return.

2. Have a plan

Whether you are marrying someone with student loan debt or credit card debt, you still need a long term financial plan for your future family.


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