Marrying Someone with Six Figures of Student Loan Debt

Finances, like all aspects of a marriage, require working together, communication and love. But here recently, the handling money as a couple scenarios has gotten a little more complicated.

Marrying someone with 6 figures worth of student loans.

Truth be told, most people do not have six figures in student loans, let alone multiple six figures. So when I share our story and how we work together with student loans.

Student Loans & Marriage.

When you get married your debt is their debt, and their debt is your debt. Joint accounts, separate accounts, no accounts, it doesn’t matter financially you are bound together in a marriage.

Be honest financially in your relationship.

Over time we have adjusted social groups and made lifestyle changes in order to reach our goals as a couple. We work together on financial decisions and we use each other as a checks and balances system.

3 Tips to make it work when you marry someone

Lay it all out:  For starters, make sure before you even get married you discuss finances as a couple with a trusted financial advisor. Make sure to discuss everything – no secrets.

Have a plan.

Whether you are marrying someone with student loan debt or credit card debt, you still need a long term financial plan for your future family.

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