The Marriage Convo You Need to Have

More then half of marriages don't end up happily ever after. Some stats say divorce is even higher then 50%. And while sometimes divorce is the only option for some families, the financial and emotional trauma of a divorce can last for years.

The Top 2 Causes of Divorce: Money & Communication.

Well, the same can be said about marriage. If you are aware of the hot topic areas where maybe marriages don't go so well, you can then know how to work, prevent, and cooperate in those areas.

Communicating in a Marriage.

This is hugeeeee. Here is what I do know – always take marriage advice from someone who has a strong marriage. experts in that field taught me lots about communication: Listen genuinely , Validate your partner.

Money, Marriage and Communication

Here is what I will say about money and marriage. Get over the fact that most people thing talking about money is taboo. But people have literally said, “We just don't talk about money as a married couple to avoid issues.” 

Hypothetical Marriage & Money Talk:

In order to get to that why, as a couple, communicating and having those hard conversations about money is key! Don't hesitate to talk about money with your significant other. Setup planned meetings to do so.

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