Marriage & Money Issues: Why Couples Should Do Money Together

Money is not a guy or girl task, or a husband or wife task, it is a together, together duty! Couples that make big decisions together, stay together!

Make all money decisions together!

This might seem a bit out there, but creating an accountability system or checks and balances in your marriage is the first step to dealing with finances as a married couple.

3 Reasons to Help Avoid Money Issues in Marriage

Here are some tips to help you avoid or solve money issues in your marriage!

1.) Accountability

I am accountable to our future goals, we make decisions together… and it really isn’t hard at all. This is the same reason why I always say everyone should have a mentor in life.

2.) Selfless, not Selfish

We are naturally selfish creatures. Having a significant other is all about being selfless. So when I hear people say they have separate bank accounts I kinda wonder why.

3.) Stop Enabling, Create Awareness Instead

Like writing your notes down in school instead of just listening, being involved in the financial process each month in your household will create awareness.


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