How I Made $5,300 My 1st Year Blogging

In fact, I thought blogging was what middle school kids did when they were mad at their boyfriend or girlfriend. Then in 2018, my first full year operating Money Life Wax which is a personal finance blog I started in 2017, I made $5,300.

How I started making money blogging:

In the summer of 2017 I was an aspiring writer of sorts. I stumbled across a “How to get published,” article and it said you start a blog.

Blogging can be a business.

I think it is vital to emphasize that blogging is a business and should be treated that way in my opinion. Which is why we have expenses.

How I Made Money Blogging ($5,300)

The break down of how I made $5,300 blogging in 2018 is pretty straight forward. I made $5,000 through digital marketing and $300 through affiliate sales.

Blog Ads? Or No Ads?

Let's talk about ads real quick before I dive into our blogging expenses in 2018. I don't monetize Money Life Wax because I find ads personally annoying when I go to other sites.

Blogging expenses

Blog is a business so there are expenses associated with investing in your business. Starting with first forming an LLC for my blog was first thing, that was $100 to the state of Virginia.

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