Why you Should Lose the Car Payment ASAP

If you have never heard of the “Rule of 72” basically it is the way that investors predict when your money will double. In this post, I aim to expand on why you should reconsider having a car payment.

Wealthy people drive cars they can afford!

The difference between most people and wealthy people boils down to how they simply view money. 

My dumb car buying decision.

Had I had any guidance when it came to finances, the fact I owed that much on my student loans, yet had money just sitting in a whopping.

Impulsive Josh buys a car.

But hey, I deserved a nice truck for all my hard work and I had good credit so my interest rate was undeniable. Wrong. Banks want your money.

We lost the monthly car payment.

Deciding to sell the truck after 9 months of ownership was not bad at all, I was actually relieved. To society, it may look like I was taking a step back.

Result of losing the car payment: Cash is King!

Paying off both vehicles between February & November 2016 freed up over $500.00 a month of cash flow. Some people get wrapped up in interest rates.

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