Tips For Long Term Thinking (Your Happiness Depends on It)

In this hypothetical scenario, that happens to only use money as an example, your choice there is a high chance that your answer determines a lot about how you think not just about money – but how you might go about most decisions.

1. Know what you want in life & why!

When you know what you want in life, there is no deterring you. Think of the famous entrepreneurs and world changers and what they wanted: 1. Bill Gates (A computer in everyone's home).

2. Focus on these areas!

1. Family 2. Career & Business 3. Finances 4. Spiritual 5. Mindfulness

3. Read up!

A good start is setting a goal to read at least four books on positivity, forward-thinking, or long term thinking. Here are a few books 1. Work Less, Make More 2. Start With Why

4. Control what you can control

What you can control - your exercise, your mindset, your diet you can control in some ways. Long term thinking means you give your thoughts and attention to what you can control.

5. It's not supposed to be easy

Long term thinking is harder than making short term choices. For one, it is super convenient to think short term – because it's easier.

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