Why Living Stingy Will Actually Help You Live Your Best Life

Living stingy is actually VITAL to living your best life. Most people are simply not living below their means and because of this, they are more than likely in debt. Here are the way to live stingy.

1. Assess Wants and Needs

There is a big difference between a want and a need. I want a new car, and $1,000,000. However, I need my Kia, black coffee and about $35,000 a year to pay the bills.

2. Ask the happiness question

We all know something we buy might make us happy in the moment. But from time to time when I buy them I usually have buyer's remorse for breaking my budget.

3. Cancel subscriptions, cable & emails

Just avoiding spending opportunities can make living stingy that much easier. Consider canceling or throwing away these types of bills / subscriptions. 

4. Find free activities to do

Consider the following free events: 1. Carnivals & festivals 2. Hiking & national parks 3. Outdoor sports 4. Day trips to places

5. Have financial goals

Just by identifying a few specific, long term financial goals will help you live stingier. Goals naturally help us stay focused.

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