Steps to Embrace Lifestyle Deflation Without Deprivation


Did you know that you can change the speed of your treadmill? You can choose to slow it down and to live a more simple life. You can even lower the speed and bring the life you love with you.

1. Find What “Enough” Means To You

The concept of enough spans many aspects of your life: 1. Enough relationships 2. Enough money 3. Enough novelty 4. Enough experiences

This concept of slow minimalism helped keep me from feeling overwhelmed while continually improving my surroundings.

2. Take the Route to Slow Minimalism

Your largest three expenses usually housing, transportation, and food  are the area where the smallest changes can make the largest impact on your budget.

3. Reconsider Your Big 3 Expenses

Changes we’re in control over feel much more solid: like we’re building the life we want one decision at a time.

4. Focus on What You Can Change

Is there something in your life you strive for with all of your heart? List out what you want to create in life and what you want to learn.

5. Decide What You Want To Strive For

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