How to Not Be Boujeee – Avoid Lifestyle Creep

Lifestyle creep refers to the increased standard of living and spending most adults see as their disposable income rises.  Here are the  Effective Ways to Avoid Lifestyle Creep.

1. Become Aware (or Woke)

If we are being honest that is never how it works. Be sure to keep in mind where your money goes  in order to keep an eye on your finances.

The concept is very simple: 1. Get paid 2. Set aside money for all bills 3. Save money or pay off debt 4. Spend last

2. Always Pay Yourself First

Setting goals and establishing rewards for yourself when you hit the goals is vital not only preventing lifestyle creep but keeping you honest with yourself.

3. Make sure you save up for fun & rewards

Speaking of peer pressure, if you're serious about avoiding lifestyle creep, it might be time to check your friend group.

4. Check your circle

The scary thing about lifestyle creep is that many will take out debt (just at a higher level) as their income increases.

5. Pay off debt instead

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