Life isn’t Just About Money

Life isn't about money <—– Contradicting for a personal finance blogger right? Financial security isn't actually about you or me, in fact, it is about being able to have the choice to say yes based on the merit of the decision instead of the dollar bill.

Watching others struggle

There were times when I was growing up that I knew it was hard for my mom to make ends meet. By no means is this a woe is me type of story, but I knew deep down how hard she was working just to keep everything together.

Watching others struggle

While some of it was related to her inability to save and plan for the long term, most of it had to to with raising growing boys, 3 to be exact, and all their friends. She was often over-leveraged and over-worked.

I had to take my eyes off myself

Self admittedly, marrying someone with $200,000 in student loans can be a little intimidating. But I really never questioned it. I always had the blind faith that we would be ok.

I had to take my eyes off myself

Now it took me two years to get things going and realize money wasn't about to fall out of the sky so I better make changes. But our student loan journey has taught us one thing. You can help others.

Educator vs Entrepreneur

What I find unique about entrepreneurs is that most are genuinely in it to win it for sure but they also genuinely want to help others. And educator love to teaching kids and others.

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