Life Insurance: Can You Contest a Beneficiary Designation?

Can someone change or contest the beneficiary designation? If you think that you should be a life insurance beneficiary, you can contest the designation and there are multiple grounds for doing so.

What is a Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation?

When someone purchases life insurance, he or she designated one or more named beneficiaries. A beneficiary is commonly a spouse, child and grandchild.

When Should a Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation be Contested?

Often problems arise with the named beneficiary or beneficiaries when end up claiming the death benefit.

You Suspect a Beneficiary Change was Made Under Duress

A caregiver presses the mentally frail person to change their beneficiary designation to themselves.

You Suspect There Was a Forged Life Insurance Beneficiary Change

This will happen long before death and likely be accompanied by other signs of abuse of the insured’s finances and possessions.

The Insured Was Divorced

Divorce automatically nullifies the designation of the ex-spouse as the beneficiary, and the insured must re-designate in order for the ex-spouse to receive the death benefit.

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