Unexpected Struggles of Post-College Life

Graduating from college and preparing to begin your career while entering adulthood is certainly one of the proudest moments of your (young) life.  Here are the Unexpected Struggles of Post-College Life.

1. Unknown Expectations

The frustration doesn't exactly subside, but as you grow you can overcome unknown expectations. It's part of being an adult and managing your life after graduation!

2. Responsibility of Learning a Process

That learning process usually takes one of two paths: 1. Either we can’t find what we are looking for. 2. We can become inundated with information from hundreds of sources.

3. Less Change

There’s certainly something to be said for continuity. However, change is GOOD! We all need to recognize that mundane, boring routines are not healthy. Embrace change as a young adult and always look for it!

Solutions to life after college struggles: 1. Prioritize You

Self-care is incredibly important, and the struggles of the 9-5 emphasize that point. Chances are you have never sat down and worked for 40 hours a week in your life.

2. Give Back

Whether you’re passionate about children, the elderly, people with disabilities, animals, or anything at all, it’s important to spend your time, money, or some combination to give back.

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