Parents: Please Let Your Kids Learn to Fail

When I was a kid my mom wasn’t a grade boss. She set standards and she expected us to behave well in school. If we got a “C” she told us we could do better and that was the end of the story.

She wasn’t on the parent portal checking every grade and emailing our teachers when we had a missing assignment. THAT WAS OUR JOB. And I wish I could convey the same message to the parents of today.

Grades are not an end all be all

Out is learning real-life skills, emotional intelligence, conversing, small group work everything is about grades.

Can I retake my test?

Parent emails asking for a retake and why the student didn’t do well, sometimes even stating the teacher must have done something wrong.

Why Failing is Good

Let them learn. Let them try. Let them discover. Let them fail. And most of all, let them grow from it all.

How can we help the younger generations?

Being an adult is not always easy. I am not the type to propose problems without solutions. But then again the solution isn’t something crazy usually.

Let kids fail and work backward

Think of how you want your future adult to turn out, and do your best to be loving and supportive, but let them grow on their own.


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