Parents: Please Let Your Kids Learn to Fail

The funniest thing, the kids who usually went on to compete at the college level – their parents, for the most part, were really awesome and hands-off. I wonder if that is a coincidence?

Grades are not an end all be all

Because of college competition and the thought process that a degree equals success in life, parents and kids alike, are very much grade focused. Nevermind real learning and skill development.

Can I retake my test?

Here is an example of what shouldn’t occur, but sadly does: 1. The student does some of the classwork, completing 50% of activities and group work. Outside of class, the student doesn’t review notes.

Why Failing is Good

Cultivating the perfect environment with zero turmoil or strife can actually do more bad than good. Usually, in the real world, poor effort correlates highly with poor performance. Learning from struggles is a great way to become a self-sufficient adult.

How can we help the younger generations?

Being an adult is not always easy. I am not the type to propose problems without solutions. But then again the solution isn’t something crazy usually. It might be as simple as letting kids fail.

Let kids fail and work backward

I can’t speak for everyone and I know there are circumstances that outside of a one size fit all dictate how some things are done. And let them learn to eat some dirt and fail from time to time!

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