How to Invest for the First Time!

I am a novice investor who has studied numerous successful investors, have spent many hours reading well-known books on investing, read balance sheets and financial statements from a lot of publicly traded companies, and have had experience investing firsthand.

How to invest your first $500

Like Josh, I hope to provide you with some really useful information on investing. Josh here focuses a lot on paying off consumer debt, student loans, credit card debt, and overall liabilities.

Invest in yourself

Probably the best investment you can ever make in your life is an investment in yourself. Use that money to buy books, attend a seminar, read more blogs or go to your community college and take a 1 – 5 credit hour course.

Start your first business

Ever wanted to be self-employed or own a business? Prior to owning, you must take care of the legal documentation and taxation (The boring stuff). 

Invest in a low-cost index fund

Want to invest your money? I preach this now and I will continue to preach this again, low-cost index funds are the best investment vehicle for any retirement fund.

Invest in individual stocks

If you refuse to have your money managed you also didn’t want to invest in an index fund and get average returns so you took the risk and invested in individual stocks.

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