We Increased Our Net Worth $300,000 in 4 Years, So Can You!

Your net worth is what you own (assets) compared to what you owe (debt). So if you owe $50,000 in debt, and you have $60,000 in cash/investments, you would have a net worth of $10,000. Here are the step to Increase Your Net Worth.

1. Pay off bad debt, actually all debt.

The first step to increase your net worth is to either increase your assets or decrease your liabilities. In most cases, I go with the latter first.

2. Invest in retirement accounts & stock index funds.

Go ahead and start maxing out those retirement accounts… letting your money grow for you! Which is one of the quickest ways to increase your networth!!

3. Create additional income streams

If you invest $12,000 per year, pay off $12,000 in debt and save just $1,000 – you can increase your overall net worth $100,000 in four years (Give or take accounting for interest).

4. Save some cash.

Your goal for saving money should be at least 15% of your net income.

5. Pay extra on your mortgage.

A little known fact we all forget is that that amortization on our mortgage is a killer! Like $300,000 houses end up costing $550,000 over 30 years killer!

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