How to Stop Impulse Buying (You Don’t Need All That Stuff)

What exactly is an impulse buy? When you purchase something you had not planned to buy. Here are the tips to help you avoid your impulse buys!

1. Stop Rationalizing Your Purchases

Retailers know we like to impulse buy and they play on our natural human tendencies to do so, but that isn't their fault, it is our own.

2. Budget, Duh

This is a given, but have a set budget and track it monthly. Creating awareness around your spending is the first start in getting control of your natural tendency to impulse buy.

3. Make a List, Have a Plan

E commerce stores, online shopping, amazing places that promote that “Shopping Experience” are all ploys to simply make you spend more money.

Make a list

No list no shopping. It really is that simple. Once at the store or online, be sure to only get the things on your list and avoid getting other things.

4. Avoid Expensive Items

1. Cars. 2. Watches. 3. Big Houses. 4. Professional Photos. 5. Expensive Weddings 6. Decorations for every holiday.

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