Things to Know About Life By Age 30!

Today I want to talk about goals moving forward and things to know about life by age 30 accompanied by some things that we should all look to accomplish in our 30s! Here are things to know about life.

1. Choose Your Friends Wisely

To get financially secure, have a great marriage and to have a family you have to be intentional with your time and who you hang out with.

2. Emphasize Fitness

Just like saving more money, the longer you wait the harder it will get. Establishing healthy and sustainable health habits in your 30’s is clutch.

3. Help More People

Consider helping others, here is just a few ways to do so: 1. Go volunteer for a local food pantry 2. Coach a youth sports team 3. See how you can be a team player at work

4. Pay off debt, and don’t ever get back into it

The goal is to have a debt free lifestyle at retirement, not a reverse mortgage and expensive cars that inhibit you from saving!

5. Increase Savings Exponentially

If you are in your 30’s make sure you are approaching the 15-25% range when it comes to savings.


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