Time Hacks to Ditch The “I’m Too Busy” Excuse

How do you stop using the time excuse and make more money?It starts with the all too common phrase, “But I don’t have enough time,” or “I am too busy.” However, if you quickly finish that statement with, “And that is exactly what I want,” you might start thinking twice about those “Too busy” excuses.

Why you should drop the lack of time excuse

In reality when you say “I’m too busy,” more than likely you are really saying three things: 1. You don’t care 2. You’re inefficient 3. You’re not serious about whatever it is  you are too busy to do.

Hacks to Ditch “I’m Too Busy” Excuse

4 ways to ditch "I'm Too Busy" Excuse: 1. Track your time. 2. Limit screen use. 3. Organize your desk. 4. Big rocks 1st.

Ditch The Too Busy Excuse by Tracking!

Track your time. Bring a little notebook with you everywhere you go and track your unstructured time for one week. You can also download a habits app to track your time if that is easier.

Screen Time or Too Busy?

Real quick, if you have an iPhone, swipe your thumb to the right, scroll down to screen time and just look at it. This can be a very accurate gauge of where some of your “time” is going.

Figure Out Your Desk Organization

Some simple time-saving hacks is to just organize your desk, counters, and create a simple system for everyday things like your wallet or keys. Placing your keys in same place every day and keeping your desk clean will make you more productive.

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