Steps to Stop Comapring Yourself With Others 


I vividly remember the first time I felt different. Already nervous as a rising 9th grader, I entered high school with “New Kid” status. All of my middle school friends were 25 minutes away and all the kids at my new high school seemed to have known each other since 4th grade.

Comparison is a dangerous game.

Comparison and envy was something I would eventually have to get over in order to overcome our debt and financial insecurities. This took time and by no means was it easy. Here are some tips to help stop comparing.

1. Be Kind

While this might seem like it has nothing to do with ending the comparison of yourself to others, kindness actually can have a huge impact.

2. Be Grateful

You're super grateful for your job, home and car. You look over at your co-worker's car and instead of comparing yourself, you instead remind yourself of how grateful you are of your car and the fact it's paid off.

3. Be Appreciative

Everything including relationships, romantic relationships, and how you feel is positively impacted by practicing appreciation.

4. Recongize that comparing isn't fair.

Comparing yourself can actually be offensive. I recently had someone make a positive comment about my physique, but someone else followed it up with an unfair jab about how it must be nice to have good genes.

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