How I Started a Successful Blog on WordPress (Guide)

I can confidently tell you how to do it because the truth of the matter is that I have come a long way. In fact, I didn't even know what a “WordPress” or a “Bluehost” even was.

Blogging Basics: What is Bluehost and WordPress?

Starting with what is Bluehost and WordPress? Bluehost – is a server that hosts your blog & website. WordPress – is the platform you run your blog with.

1. Blogging Basics: Choose a Domain Name

Make sure you think your domain name out. You actually don't have to choose a domain name right away when use use Bluehost/Wordpress.

2. Setting Up Your WordPress Blog 101

Here is a simple rundown of wordpress. 1. Dashboard 2. Jetpack 3. Posts 4. Pages

3. Setting Up Your Blog Menu 101

After you have setup your pages and categories, the next step is to structure your menu. Setting up the menu is easy.

4. Choosing A Blog Theme Option 1:

Start with a free them and learn how to create and design your blog and don't worry so much about what your site looks like.

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