Simple Steps to Help You Raise Your Credit Score

When I got my first credit card the lesson my dad shared with me was simple: You only have a credit card for the sole intent and purpose of raising your credit score. Here are the hacks and simple steps to boost your credit score, that I personally used to help increase my credit score!

1. Pay Your Card Automatically

Set your credit card to pay off automatically before the bill is due. 

2. Credit History Keep Oldest Card Open

Scores will be higher than the long history you have of on-time payments. Another option for younger people to become authorized user on parents accounts.

3. Limit Hard Inquiry Credit Pulls

Limit the hard inquiries for credit, more than 2 in a 6-month period can hurt your score, only apply for loans or credit you need.

4. Keep your longest credit card account active!

Length of credit history is important. Paying off my loans impacted my credit score because I only had my credit card and student loan history, dropping my average age of credit.

5. Use Apps to monitor your score

While FICO score and app estimated score give a good idea usually on credit habits. Apps also break down important factors and grade you on your account.

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