I Got 99 Problems, But Debt Ain’t One! (5 Steps to Overcome Debt)

Let's be honest, we all have problems, probably more than 99 too, but like Jay-Z said, “Debt doesn't have to be one!” Debt can certainly be crippling, but it is a problem that can be fixed with some simple adjustments. Here are the steps to overcome debt.

1. Stop adding to your debt

Well, try to imagine paying off debt when you're busy adding to it by financing new cars, using your credit cards or going back to school with loans just as silly.

2. Use the Debt Avalanche or Debt Snowball

Most financial and debt experts recommend using some form of the; 1. Debt snowball 2. Debt Avalanche 3. Cash Windfall

3. Figure out how to earn extra money

Whether you can work overtime, take on side hustles, or you sell things to make extra money – the quickest way to get out of debt fast is to make more money.

4. Consider refinancing “Bad debt” and loans

The 12% interest rate on your auto loan or the 8% interest rate on your student loans might be making your race to overcome your debt more challenging.

5. Stop Comparing Yourself

Comparing yourself financially is a recipe for financial ruin. The most important step in overcoming your debt is ending the comparison game!

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