Proven Methods to Help You Get Started with Journal


Learning how to journal isn’t always as simple as it seems, though. To get started, you will need to identify your reasons for starting a journal and what you hope to accomplish during your journey.

What is a Bullet Journal?

A bullet journal is designed to be a cross between your typical journal and a planner. A bullet journal contains pages filled with tiny dots, or bullets, arranged in a grid.

What Other Types of Journals are There?

The great thing about journaling is that there is something available to meet everyone’s needs. Everyone’s reasons for keeping a journal are different, and the different types of journals help address these different needs.

How Do I Start Writing a Journal?

The first step is choosing the journal that’s right for you. The next step is to make journaling a habit. Journal every day, even if just for five minutes. 

What Should I Write in My Journal?

Here are a few ideas and journaling tips that will help you get started. - Brain Dump - Self-Care - Free Writing and more!

What is the Difference Between a Journal and a Diary?

There is no official difference between a diary and a journal. In my opinion, a diary is a specific type of journal, one that is generally used for memory keeping.

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