How to Invest Your Money (A Beginner’s Guide)

Investing is necessary to hit nearly every financial goal imaginable, including retirement. Some people are scared of investing, but what you should really be afraid of is the consequence of not investing. Here is the step for beginners on how to invest money.

1. Set Your Financial Goals

The first step you need to take before investing your money is setting some basic financial goals. 1. Paying off debt 2. Saving for a car 3. Preparing to buy a house

2. Determine Your Involvement Level

it’s time to decide how involved you want to be in the investing process. Here are three options. 1. Active Investor 2. Passive Investor 3. Robo-Advisor Investor

3. Pick an Asset Class and Investment Vehicle

In general, you have a few different asset classes to choose from, which include: 1. Stocks or equity 2. Bonds 3. Real estate

4. Choose Where You Want to Invest

it’s time to choose a broker. If you decided to be a passive investor of index funds or ETFs, choosing an online broker that offers a wide selection of low-cost fund options would be wise.

5. Get Started!

At this point, you’ve done most of the important legwork to start investing your money! Even if you have a little money to invest right now, you can get started today with only $100.

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