How to Invest for the First Time!

I am a novice investor who has studied numerous successful investors, have spent many hours reading well-known books on investing, and have had experience investing firsthand.

Invest in yourself

Learning a new skill can result in earning more money, becoming more knowledgeable in your area of expertise and saving more money.

Start your first business

48% of Americans want to be entrepreneurs and 61% want to be their own boss. Prior to owning, you must take care of the legal documentation and taxation (The boring stuff).

Invest in a low-cost index fund

Low-cost index funds are best investment vehicle for any retirement fund. There is no money manager that allocates your money, rather a machine that tracks any index.

Invest in individual stocks

Place $500 in each company if individual stocks is your option. As an added bonus – Forbes and Business Insider just wrote about using M1 Finance to cut down on the commission costs and transactions.

Not ready to invest? Then just save the money

Place your cash in an online savings account, online banks have impressive interest rates and having the interest compound over time can mean more money in the future.


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