Reasons the United States Education System is BROKE & How to Fix It!

Most of the short comings in not just the public education system, but the educational system as a whole can be fixed in just a few simple ways. Here we will explore the problems with the educational system in the United States.

Problem 1: Square peg in round holes

As this student sat in my 9th grade WH1 class, where I taught him about the different types of Greek Columns or the difference between the early River Valley Civilizations, I realized we were doing him a huge disservice.

Problem 2: Industrial Revolution Education

The industrial revolution ended some 100 years ago yet we still have bells to let students know when to go from class to class. We form lines and we ask little boys full of energy to sit down at a desk for 6 hours a day.

Problem 3: Standardized Testing & Educational Companies

The no child left behind act basically pushed education down a path of standardized testing to collect data to report student progress.

Problem 4: Instant Gratification & Parent Involvement

There is a classic comic education in the 1950s and education now. It shows parents asking their student about their bad grades and the parents yelling at the teacher about their child’s grades

Problem 5: College is $hit ton of money

What’s that you want to go to college: 1. You need a college degree to get a job. 2. Colleges are aware of this, simply supply and demand.

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