How to Make $3,000 Per Year Donating Plasma

Did you know you can make an extra $250 per month ($3,000 per year!) selling plasma? Yes, believe it or not, you can sell the clear liquid found in your blood for $20-$50 per donation.

Selling Plasma

One day when I was driving down the road from class I saw a medical building that evidently paid people (Students especially) to donate this stuff called “Plasma” for money.

How to donate plasma FAQ's:

What is blood plasma anyways? Plasma is used and sold for medical research and to make medical products that help with blood clotting.

How to donate plasma FAQ's:

Is Selling Plasma Safe?Sometimes people want to know how safe selling plasma is. Donating your plasma for money is generally regarded as safe.

What is your plasma worth?

If you have the ability to donate your plasma 2x per week for a year straight at $50 per donation, you could earn up to $5,200 annually.

Where can you donate your plasma?

Here is a list of potential companies for donating your plasma: 1. BioTest Plasma 2. CSL Plasma 3. Grifols Plasma Donation

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