Don’t Eat The Marshmallow: Strategies to Better Delay Gratification

Time and time again, the group that could patiently wait it out for the second marshmallow was consistently more successful in life. So here are some ideas to help you better delay your gratification

1. Have a plan.

For starters, in order to effectively delay your gratification for something better you need a plan. Self-control is a skill you sharpen. However, all activity requires a map.

2. Focus on another reward.

In order to combat instant gratification thinking, in addition to thinking long-term, focus on a new reward.

3. Use cash.

Simple ways to eliminate costs like eating out and general overspending is to use cash as much as possible.

4. Know WHY you are delaying.

Those who know why always figure out how to do something. Maybe debt freedom means you can stay at home with your kids or take more trips.

5. Stop thinking in present value.

In order to help with delayed gratification as it pertains to personal finance, stop thinking in present value.

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