Create and Stay On A Budget

Statistics show that approximately 1 in 3 adult Americans actually uses a budget. In other words, only 33% of people who spend 40 hours a week making money – spend at least an hour managing it!

How to create a budget that works

From designing it on Excel or just doing it on a piece of paper, I have to control the process of actually making a budget. So, here are the steps to making your budget.

1. Create a budget with Google Sheets

Follow these Steps: 1. Columns A-L are what fit on a landscape page 2. You can merge and auto sum all you want

2. Figure out your income

In creating your budget, the fixed expenses and variable expenses are really going to be based on your income.

4. Fixed Expenses within your budget

Fixed expenses should include: 1. Housing  2. Insurance  3. HOA/Trash 4. Internet  5. Electricity

5. Variable Expenses

While fixed expenses take account for most of our net income, variable expenses are where we can all really make great strides to improve our financial selves.


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